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Md. Rashid Ahmed: A Living Jukebox

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

The above quote is being exemplified by an Auto driver from Bangalore. A few days back I was returning home in a auto with my sister. As we seated ourself and the auto started a song started playing ‘Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai’. It took us a few moment to understand that the song was not coming from any music player; it was the voice of the driver. I was taken aback by the way of his singing. He kept singing back to back old songs and new songs. I decided to interrupt as soon as he finished ‘Maine Tere Liye Hi Saat Rang Ke Sapne Choone. Sapne…Soorile Sapne’ as this is one of my favorite songs.

Md. Rashid Ahmed lives in Rajajinagar, Bangalore with his wife and two kids. He is so passionate about singing that Radio and TV became his teachers. Whatever he has learnt is learnt from TV and Radio. He even joined a singing class to sharpen his talent, but it became difficult to make ends meet. So he left the classes so that he can educate his children and take care of the family.

I enquired, “Bhaiya if you were so passionate then why did you left it.” To this he mockingly said “Kaha Chor Sakta Hoon Saab, Ab Toh Auto Mein Hi Riyaaj Kar Leta Hoon. Aise Toh Muhalle Wale Bhi Naraj Hote The Agar Ghar Mein Riyaaj Kiya Toh. Ab Sawariyon Ka Bhi Dil Behelta Hai”(How can I quit sir. Now, I rehearse in auto which even entertains passengers. At first when I used to rehearse in my house, the neighbours got angry.) I asked him what else he does. And this was really bewildering to know that he even painted. I asked him to Whatsapp few of his paintings. Here are two of his paintings what he sent me.

Rashid Ahmed's Painting 1

Rashid Ahmed’s Painting 1

Rashid Ahmed's Painting 2

Rashid Ahmed’s Painting 2

Do let me know if he can help you with any of your upcoming songs or art projects. It will be a great help to someone who genuinely loves art.

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