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This is an open letter to Mr Vijay Mallya to convey my message that I stand with him. I urge all of you to please read the whole post before being judgemental and commenting anything.


Dear Mr Vijay Mallya,

After reading your recent tweets and news, I wanted to reach out to you to help you make your case stronger. Being an entrepreneur, I can easily connect with your feelings right now. Just like no parent raises their child to kill, no entrepreneur would ever like to kill a brand and business that he worked so industriously to create. Yours was not the first business to fail and will not be the last. Without any solid Bankruptcy policy or bill, India sees number of bad loans (NPAs) which is an overhead to banks as well as the RBI. Businesses are to evolve over the time. Quite a few taste success while others learn through the process and evolve as someone wiser and smarter. I am no one to tell you all these as you have already been through all of this when you had started at the age of 28. It’s never easy to meet the expectations of your loved ones when they see you as someone who will keep the family business flourishing. You did this so well and expanded the business and kept exploring new avenues and winning the game. Everybody enjoyed your game then. Everybody cheered up. But the moment you could not meet expectations of people, they started calling you fraud, anti-social, anti-national and what not. A king of good times was being chased like a terrorist. And the irony is our government do not has guts to go deep into Pakistan and hunt down Dawood Ibrahim as US did to Osama Bin Laden. It’s old age saying ‘The tree which bears fruits gets stoned.’

My reason of this letter is to tell you that I stand with you. Not because you did something I approve of or praise. But because the banks and judiciary who are after you, are not also milk-washed. I am not a lawyer but I have been looking into a case of Indian banks very closely for over a year now. And I am shocked with the proofs I have collected. I am sharing with you a brief of the case and will urge you not to negotiate with banks until we talk. Please connect me to your lawyer and let’s see how I can help you.

Case Study: My father had taken education loan in my name from State Bank Of India in 2009 under IBA Education Loan Subsidy Scheme. My father paid the principal amount within the time and did not owe any penny afterwards. But, the bank did not give NOC saying that it has not got the interest claims from MHRD. I digged it deep and came to know that SBI did not claim it on time even though all documents were given on time. And funnily, SBI shows an outstanding of over 2 lacs in my name which my father is paying because he does not want to fight with banks. There are over 4000 such cases in only my district. I am taking 5 districts as an average from each state, and taking all 29 states. so, 29x5x4000 = 5,80,000 such cases where SBI is extorting over 11600 crore rupees [580000×200000= RS 116000000000].  And SBI is not the only bank with such huge scale of deficiency causing loss to people’s hard earned money. I am taking only 5 banks for instance to get to a number. 5×11600= 58,000 crore rupees of fraud. And yours is only 6,203 crore which is merely 10 % of what these Banks owe to people. And please remember that we have not taken all the districts into consideration. I am bad at numbers and would not have been able to give a figure.

Please connect to me on my email or you can DM me your coordinates on my twitter handle @ankitjha23. I have almost all the proofs to prove this in court. Looking forward to your early response.

Your Fellow Indian,

Ankit Jha

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