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About Me

Hi, I am Ankit Jha, a stubborn kid of 90’s who has grown up more on the morals Superhero_Shaktimaan-AnkitJha.comof Shaktimaan (Choti Choti Magar Moti Baatein) than the morals taught at school and home. If you are reading this, chances are that you already know about Shaktimaan. It was a TV series which used to be aired on Doordarshan on Saturdays and Sundays. Shaktimaan was hero for all kids like us and we used to make excuses of headache, fever, cold and what not  so that we can skip our school and watch Shaktimaan. I still remember writing a postcard to Shaktimaan to air the show at nights because I could not make excuses on every Saturday. Obviously, I never got reply from Shaktimaan and neither the timings were changed. But I was fine.

Antenna-AnkitJha.comWatching Shaktimaan was never easy for us in a small town of Bihar like us because of electricity scarcity. And one of the funniest hurdles we used to face was birds sitting on our antenna which caused disturbance in the transmission. One of us will go on roof and start rotating the antenna to tune into Doordarshan again. “Ghumao… Jara Aur Ghumao… Haan Haan Aa Gaya.. Arrey Yaar Fir Chala Gaya… Jaise Pehle Kiya Tha Waise Hi Kar… Haan Haan Aa Gaya… Aa Ja” And the troll was not over yet. This time it was load shedding and again we missed the episode. We could hardly watch any episode uninterrupted.

As I was approaching my adolescence, I started loving the movies of Ajay like ‘Diljale’, ‘Dilwaale’ and ‘Phool Aur Kaante’. I still enjoy watching and whistling on his movies.

Aag Jo Dil Mein Lagi Hai Usse Duniya Mein Laga Dunga Main,

Jo Teri Doli Uthi, Jamane Ko Jala Dunga Main.

Now as a teenager we would take lessons of love from Ajay Devgan movies. And believe me, these lessons were so deeply instilled that I have still the same passion for love. Just like the above dialogues. As much as these movies taught us love, it also taught us the sacrifice a hero or a heroine makes for his/her love.  And believe me, these movies made us man.

Fast Forwarding to present Ankit Jha…

Me with my sisters Anku and Ankita (from left to right)

I graduated in Computer and Science Engineering and after that worked for an IT company as a Software Engineer for less than a year (precisely 319 days). I came up with the idea of eMithilaHaat while working with the previous company when one fine day I was talking to my cousin. During our talk we were remembering our candid childhood days when suddenly I asked him about Sulekha aunty who used to do Mithila Paintings with her soul into it. We would sit around her in ‘Aangan’ on a mat where she made these lovely paintings. She loved it more than anything in her life. But to my dismay she had left making paintings because she was not able to sell the artwork and it was getting tough for her to earn livelihood from this. More or less, this story was of almost every artist from my native. I started researching and found that not only Mithila Art, there were lot of other arts which were on the verge of extinction. I thought of doing something for the artisans who earn their livelihood from these dying art and craft of India.

I left my job. And started the initiative with Mithila Art in the form of eMithilaHaat. Today I run the business as CEO and Founder of eMithilaHaat. It has been a phenomenal journey since our inception. We have impacted more than 60 artists family till date. And we look forward to make a larger difference in the lives of people exponentially. We have been covered by various media houses for our work. I really feel proud when people send appreciation mails for the work.

I urge you to spread a word about eMithilaHaat in your network. Your recommendations to your friends can make more people aware of the dying arts of India. It matters a lot to us and our country.