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India Successfully Launches Aditya-Unmanned Mission To Sun, India Makes History

Today afternoon at 1:43 pm India launched its much awaited ‘Aditya’, unmanned Aditya-SunMissionOfIndia-AnkitJha.comsatellite to sun from its Sriharikota station. And with this launch India becomes the first country to send its unmanned mission to sun. Aditya, (Sanskrit: आदित्य, lit: Sun) or Aditya-1 is a spacecraft whose mission is to study the Sun.

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Law of Inertia Can Help You Manage Your Weekends

Happy WorkOn weekdays I remain in momentum and I need not apply much effort to make myself running to work and then coming back and finishing off some personal business stuffs, focusing on my brand value, updating my social accounts, checking and replying mails etc. It is all together lot of work.

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WhatsApp For Your PC


There are a lot of obvious reasons why one would like to have their favorite app WhatsApp on PC. I am sure you too have one. So here I am going to explain how to get WhatsApp for your PC :

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Start your own blog


Hope you are doing great. Well, as promised in my previous post here I am with a new post which will provide you with all information on ‘How to start your own blog”.  Continue reading

Google Keyboard for Android Phones


There is a sigh of relief for Android smartphone users who have been frustrated with the keyboard. Google has got a solution for you. Google has released “Google Keyboard App” which was previously available for only Nexus devices.

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