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Hello! Thank you for taking time to visit my website. I started my entrepreneurial journey in late 2013 with my first startup eMithilaHaat. And since then I have worked on couple of more startups on Fintech, Travel and AI.

I have been helping people build their brand and take it to the next level. I can help you with your Website Development, Mobile Applications, Data Analytics and almost every problem statement that technology can solve. I would love to be a part of your success story.

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WhatsApp For Your PC

There are a lot of obvious reasons why one would like to have their favorite app WhatsApp on PC. I am sure you too have one. So here I am going to explain how to get WhatsApp for your PC : First you will need an Android emulator to have the Android environment on your...

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Start your own blog

Hope you are doing great. Well, as promised in my previous post here I am with a new post which will provide you with all information on 'How to start your own blog".  I have come across a number of people who get excited to start their blog. But their blogs...

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How To Do Branding For Yourself

One's brand plays a very prominent role in the success voyage. No doubt about that. If you have ever bought anything online, do you remember making few research using Google and going through reviews just to make sure that you are taking right stuff off the shelve?...

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Cast Dreams Into Reality

A few days back I was in a meeting with my team mates where we were to be assigned to a project. The team lead initiated the talk by asking a question which was obvious to get our involvement and nap us off  from after lunch effect. He asked all of us "What are your...

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Aditya Mishra

“Besides being my uncle, Ankit has been a friend in need. He has been helping LawMantra since its inception. Whole LawMantra team sees him as a person whom we can trust for all our technical requirements. Always a delightful experience. I definitely advocate for his services.”



Sujata Kumari

“One of my friend introduced me to Ankit in 2014 and since then he has been someone I trust with all of our technical and legal assistance. He has helped us with almost every aspect of DizieShoppe. The whole DizieShoppe team finds it easy and soothing while talking to him. Absolutely recommended for all technical help.”



Amika Shail
Actress & Singer

“I have known Ankit for quite sometime now and he has become my go-to person every time I am stuck with something. He has been instrumental in helping us with my website as well as good number of contract agreement reviews. I recommend Ankit to my friends and family for any technical and legal assistance.”



Sumit Jindal
Etax Advisor

“Ankit is by far the most reliable person that I have come across for technology needs and has been using regularly. I rant and foam praises towards your services to all whom I come across with technology needs. You and your team continue to stand head and shoulders above any other company as far as quality of the product, quality of support, and knowledge of the product.”