Dear Vijay Mallya, I Stand With You

This is an open letter to Mr Vijay Mallya to convey my message that I stand with him. I urge all of you to please read the whole post before being judgemental and commenting anything.


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How I Contested Case Against MTS And Won It

When you accept and embrace your fear, it becomes your weapon.

Ankit Jha Wins Lok Adalat Case

People take advantage of you when they know your fears and you loose the game before you play. Something similar happened a couple of  days back when I was aware of my fears and had embraced it which helped me to win over my opponent. Continue reading

How I Experienced Death And Life In 2 Hours

जब हम ना होंगे, जब हमारी ख़ाक पे तुम रुकोगे चलते चलते
अश्कों से भीगी चांदनी में इक सदा सी सुनोगे चलते चलते
वही पे कही हम तुमसे मिलेंगे बनके कली बनके सबा बाग़-ए-वफ़ा में
रहें ना रहें हम महका करेंगे बन के कली बनके सबा बाग़-ए -वफ़ा में।

This beautiful song written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and sung by Lata Jee from film ‘Mamta’ started playing somewhere down the memory lanes as I dozed off during my recent travel to CMC, Vellore. Continue reading

This Bangalore Auto Driver’s Singing And Painting Will Bewilder You

Md. Rashid Ahmed: A Living Jukebox

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

The above quote is being exemplified by an Auto driver from Bangalore. A few days back I was returning home in a auto with my sister. As we seated ourself and the auto started a song started playing ‘Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai’. Continue reading

How You Are Being Fooled And Looted By Reliance Communications


Did you see the recent ad campaign of YouTube specially targeted for Indian market. Here is it for you if you missed it. So why is it that India being good at all development fronts but lag on basic internet speed. We are struggling to get a decent speed of 4 5 mbps when our neighboring countries are enjoying a whopping speed of over 100 mbps. Does it has to do anything with our service providers? Yes, of course! The price you are paying for your current plan gets you a 10-12 times more speed in USA.

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